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Google Launches Android O Beta Programme (Android O beta version is now rolling out)

Android O beta version is now rolling out

New features include Smart Text Selection, Notification Dots

Google's subsequent foremost Android launch, known as Android O, had its moment inside the sun on the keynote address of ongoing I/O 2017 annual developers convention in California. The Android O is the successor to Android Nougat and Google highlighted a few new capabilities to count on with the new Developer Preview 2 launch, which is now available as public beta users globally as a part of the Android O Beta Program.

Apart from features like picture-in-picture, notification channels and improved keyboard navigation that were known when Google rolled out the first Developer Preview of Android O, Google also mentioned a new feature called Smart Text Selection. This new feature improves copy and paste through the help of machine learning, which can now recognise contexts on the screen such as an address and will be able to copy the whole thing with a double tap. It will also be able to bring up Maps when you do to navigate to the address. Notification Dots is a new way for developers to notify users about about activity on the app, driving engagement.

Android O additionally touts better battery performance and Google is presenting that through Android Vitals, which focuses on optimising battery existence, startup time, picture rendering time, and balance. Google has brought new equipment for builders together with machine optimisations, heritage apps limits, and Android Vitals Dashboards within the Play Console.

Google's annual developers convention kicked off highlighting the corporation's efforts in AI and system learning with Assistant taking centre level. The employer introduced that Assistant can be coming to the iPhone in addition to new services which includes Google Lens and new functions for Gmail and Google Photos.


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