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Nokia's Smartwatch Leaked View in Hands-On Video

Nokia's Fabled Moonraker Smartwatch Spotted in Hands-On Video 

Smartwatches haven’t exactly been shining in terms of adoption since their arrival a few years ago. Nokia, the erstwhile top mobile phone maker that was bought and then subsequently written off by Microsoft last year, has been long-rumoured to have developed a smartwatch codenamed ‘Moonraker’ which never saw the light of day on a store shelf, but is now visible to the world thanks to a YouTube video.

The Moonraker’s face appears to be similar in appearance to the LG G Watch; one of the first Android Wear smartwatches to hit the market, while the strap is reminiscent of the Apple Watch Sport. There’s a button below the display, which appears to function the same as a home button on a smartphone. Towards the end of the video you’ll also see the golden contacts at the back of the watch, which are used to charge in conjunction with a magnetically-latching cable. There also appears to be NFC compatibility.

The user interface appears primitive, and there's no word on whether it was based on a popular OS like Android. Prior to Android Wear, Google’s official smartwatch platform, products like the Sony SmartWatch 2 ran custom interfaces based on Android. Although the demo video doesn’t tell much; the interface seemed like it supported checking email, messages, calls, Facebook etc. There’s also a step counter and the facility to ring your phone. It’s pretty obvious by the appearance and the lack of polish that the interface was incomplete.