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Xiaomi may be making a concept phone with bendable display

We’ve seen leaked images and reports about various OEMs like Samsung, Lenovo and OPPO playing around with a smartphone that has a display that can bend around in various ways. So this early a lot of people are saying that bendable displays may be the next big thing when it comes to mobile technology. Now another phone manufacturer may be joining the bendy fray as leaked images of a Xiaomi concept phone with a bendable display has been making the rounds on Baidu, a Chinese social network.

Two photos were leaked on Baidu and it shows a flexible screen that can be bent in any direction, like upwards, downwards, etc. Of course the first concern over photos like this is that they may have been rendered on Photoshop. Some say they can’t find any trace of that in the two pictures, so it may very well be the real thing. Or the person who made that is just pretty good at digital manipulation.

The flexible display also shows very sharp colours and possibly very high resolution in the leaked renders, which can allow content to make the most of the display’s flexible feature. Till now, companies like Lenovo and LG have announced plans or showcased the very first prototypes of flexible, rollable OLED displays, which led to speculations that we may soon see the first foldable and rollable smartphones. However, the best we have seen till now are curved edge and near bezel-less displays, although flexible panels will certainly be a step ahead for the smartphone industry.

That said, we do not expect to see the bendable display on a smartphone any time soon. If the rumours are true, then Xiaomi’s prototype may make it to the market by the end of next year. We’re hopeful of hearing more about it, soon