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Sony Shutting Down Services for Fat Princess

 Sony has responded to GameSpot's request for comment, saying the posted mobile date is wrong and is being corrected to line up with the Vita version's shut down on January 1 at 1 AM PT. Additionally, Sony told us that the game will no longer be downloadable from the respective stores after the shut down date. You will still be able to play it in offline mode, as long as you don't remove it from your device, though.

Original story: Fat Princess: Piece of Cake is having its online services shut down. A retirement notice has appeared on the Android and iPhone pages for the free-to-play puzzle game, while Sony is alerting Vita owners through email.

On the Vita, Piece of Cake's online features will be discontinued next year on January 1 at 1 AM . The Android and iPhone versions are shutting down one month earlier on December 1 at 12 AM .

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