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Reliance Jio Car Connect : connect 90% of the cars to Internet by 2020

Reliance Jio has taken the Indian telecommunication industry by a storm, owing to its unconventional tariff plans. The company is also developing a Jio Car Connect OBD service, through which it is aiming to connect 90% of the cars plying on Indian roads, by the year 2020.

OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostics, which is basically a combination of software and hardware that provides access to various subsystems of a car. It reads data from the car's sensors and depicts it in an intuitive interface on an electronic device (like computer). It is mainly used for diagnosing any fault in a car, or for simply accessing various performance parameters of the vehicle's subsystems.

The Jio Car Connect is an OBD service, which includes a hardware device that the user needs to plug in the car's OBD port, and a mobile app. The hardware device is similar to a dongle, and has a SIM card slot. Once a Reliance Jio SIM is inserted into this slot and the device is connected to the car's OBD port, a WiFi hotspot will be established. This gives access to all Reliance Jio Apps, like Jio Music, Jio Cinema, JioTV, etc. on the go. The user can make free voice calls with the Jio Join App.

Addressing all OBD needs is the Jio Car Connect App, which is still under development. This app provides all vital information like oil stats, water levels, fuel info, battery change alerts, etc. on the user's Smartphone app. It has an alert system, which will alert the mobile phone user if the connected car isn't locked properly. It provides information about the driving style by showing speed alerts and panic braking details and also speed limits be set up through the app. This can be useful for those who want to keep a check on their drivers.

Through the Jio Car Connect, the user can communicate with the car remotely. For example, the AC can be switched ON when you start walking towards the parking lot, so that by the time you reach the car, the cabin is already cool.

The Jio Car Connect service is still in the beta development phase, with no specific launch window yet. The company is providing previews of this new system at various Jio Experience Zones setup across the country.

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