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It's impossible to create a folder with the name “Con” on any Microsoft operating system! Know The Reason Here!!!!

It is impossible to create a folder with the name “Con” or “con” on any Microsoft operating system.

"Con" is one of several reserved names that you can't use. Those names
date back to the days of DOS, and the reason you can't use them is
that have special meanings.
Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP (Windows Desktop Experience) since 2003

Then DOS comes around in the early 80's, an 8086 CP/M clone meant to work on the then-new IBM PC. DOS extended this concept a bit further - the above were "special files" and could be specified wherever a file was expected in DOS commands. So the built-in DOS copy command could be used to print a document by executing copy myfile.txt prn:. (Later versions of CP/M might have been able to do this but I doubt it.)

Flash forward to Windows 95. Itself being built on top of DOS, the code handling these special filenames remained, but evidently weren't integrated too well in the GUI portion of Windows 95. It caused some problems such as the CON\CON bug - and this is known to cause issues with IE as well.

Likely because of paranoia of further lurking bugs (even though none should exist in NT based versions of Windows) Microsoft decided to make it where Explorer always rejects any attempt to create a file of that name. It's funny that even in the Windows 8 system I'm using now, I still can't make a folder named "con."

EDIT: Windows 10 still won't let you do this


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