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Best hidden iOS 10 features everyone should know

Apple has just released iOS 10 and it has plenty of awesome new features such as the iMessage App Store. We've highlighted the big iOS 10 features before, but we found several other useful features that the company didn't highlight. Here are the best of those hidden gems.

1. Change your Home button's behavior

Don't like the new Lock screen behavior in iOS 10? You can change it right back in the Settings app.

2. Get rid of all your Notification Center alerts

Trash five days' worth of Instagram notifications by force pressing (or long pressing) on the X on your notifications screen to bring up an alert to clear all notifications.

3. Change the brightness of your flashlight

Don't want to wake your partner, but need to find your keys on the nightstand? Force press on the Flashlight icon in Control Center to access three new options: Low Light, Medium Light, or Bright Light.

4. Magnify your surroundings

If you've ever wanted to use your iPhone as a magnifying glass, the Accessibility options in iOS 10 will make your day: The new Magnifier setting in Accessibility turns your iPhone camera into a giant magnifying glass with a super-zoom, flashlight, brightness and contrast filter, and more.

5. Pinch-to-zoom stickers to make them bigger (or smaller)

After you've peeled a sticker off and are getting ready to send it on its merry way, you can add a second finger to pinch-to-zoom in or out on the sticker — this will make it bigger or smaller on your message.

6. Raise to wake

If you pick up your iPhone you will be able to see the lock screen and check any notifications or just quickly see the time. This feature isn't there in iPhone 5s, and appears to be reserved for iPhone 6s or newer devices. To disable it head to Settings > Display and Brightness > disable Raise to Wake.

7. Improved Dial Assist

Head to Settings > Phone > turn on Dial Assist. Now if you get calls from landline numbers, iOS 10 tells you which city and state the number belongs to. This shows up under the unknown number calling you, and even in call logs.

8. Contact name suggestions

When sends you a text or iMessage from a number or email address not in your address book, iOS 10 tries to guess who they are. This is similar to the iOS feature that suggests email addresses for contacts if it finds them in your emails.

9. Unlimited tabs in Safari

Till iOS 9 you could only open 36 tabs at a time in Safari. Now there is no such limit.

10. Bedtime

The Clock app in iOS 10 has a new feature called Bedtime. This lets you set a sleep time and a wake up time. The app will remind you to sleep on time and wake you up with a gentle, relaxing tone. The Clock app also has a new dark mode, which looks great especially when you turn off the lights.

11. Quickly check all unread emails

The iOS 10 Mail app now has a handy button on the bottom-left that lets you quickly check all unread emails. Tap once and you'll see only the mails you haven't read yet. You can also long-press that button to add other filters such as flagged, addressed to me, CC me, files with attachments, etc.