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Apple files patent for a better paper bag

Apple is one of the innovators of the tech world and was behind a number of groundbreaking products like the Lisa, iPod and the iPhone. A new patent application suggests that Apple has set its sights on a new product, a paper bag. If you are wondering what sort of tech-wizardry Apple plans to add to a paper bag, then you’ll be sorely disappointed. The bag doesn’t come with iOS, Lightning Port, Siri, or Bluetooth. Judging by the patent that was filed in March last year, it seems like a normal white paper bag.

Now this isn't just ordinary paper pulp mind you. Apple specifically calls for the material of its ideal carryall to consist of 60 percent "post-consumer content." It's certainly a noble goal but not exactly a groundbreaking move. Still, the patent application is definitely more practical than other downright odd filings, of which Sony's wireless wig takes the cake.

Of course, Apple is an extremely large corporation and a massive retail operation in its own right. It regularly submits patent paperwork for mundane topics such as fabric with laser-etched words, and a five-axis robotic arm.