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Official Trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story :Darth Vader Returns

Gareth Edwards' Rogue One finally has a new trailer, and it features the biggest villain in the history of Star Wars: Darth Vader himself. The clip, which features the first teasing glimpse audiences have had of the character since 2005's Revenge of the Sith, follows in the footsteps of a clip that debuted last month during the Star Wars Celebration fan expo. However, Lucasfilm elected to not release that clip online, using Celebration as an opportunity to launch the film's behind-the-scenes sizzle reel, instead.
Rogue One takes place just before 1977's A New Hope, when the Death Star was being built and Vader was in his prime as the Emperor's galactic enforcer. The timeline allows Edwards to riff on familiar iconography and designs, and from the Rebel Base to the Stormtroopers Rogue One almost looks like it will be a love letter to the '70s feel of the original — no surprise, given Edwards' own well-known fandom. The reveal in today's trailer also echoes the same kind of marketing strategy used for The Force Awakens, when audiences were given their first look at Han Solo in the "Chewie, we're home" closer in that film's second teaser.

What the trailer leaves out is also interesting—we're still waiting for good looks of Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal), Riz Ahmed (The Night Of) and others from the loaded cast (though there's a tiny glimpse of Ahmed at the end). The new trailer does end with a money shot of Darth Vader, whose heavy breathing more or less encapsulates our anticipation for the film. Rogue One comes out this December.