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Huawei replaces Xiaomi smartphone shipments in China

Chinese vendor Huawei shipped a total of 19.1 million smartphones in the local market during the second quarter of the year, climbing 15.2% compared to the same quarter the previous year, according to a recent report by tech consultancy firm IDC.

Huawei ended the second quarter with a market share of 17.2% in terms of units shipped.

Meanwhile, local smartphone maker Oppo shipped a total of 18 million smartphones in Q2, surging 124.1% compared to the year-ago period, for a total market share of 16.2% in the quarter.

Vivo also saw a shipments growth of 74.7% and improved its market share from 7.9% to 13.2% in Q2.

IDC also revealed that Xiaomi and Apple both lost market share in China’s smartphone market in the second quarter. The Chinese device maker shipped 10.5 million smartphones in Q2, down 38.4% year-on-year.

Xiaomi’s shipment dipped significantly from 17.1 to 10.5 million year over year, according to the firm.

The 38 percent drop was enough to knock the company down to the fourth position, as Huawei took over the top spot with 19.1 million units moved, comprising 17.2 percent of the country’s massive market share. Huawei was followed closely by fellow domestic manufacturers OPPO and Vivo, at 18 and 14.7 million units, respectively.