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Apple tried and failed to feature LTE connectivity to the next Apple Watch

Apple won't be adding cellular connectivity to the Apple Watch this year, according to a new report from Bloomberg. The company had planned to incorporate the technology and uncouple the Apple Watch from the iPhone, but ran into issues related to battery life.

According to the report, Apple was in talks with carriers in the US and Europe about bringing the Apple Watch onto their networks, but made it clear that even if it was able to ship a cellular version of the wearable this year, it wouldn't have been released until December at the earliest. Apple's biggest concern has been the strain that cellular chips would put on the Apple Watch's battery life, and the company has reportedly begun looking into low-power cellular chips for future generations of the device.

The noted Apple insider says the tech giant had planned to add a LTE modem to the next Apple Watch — the company was even talking to carrier partners in North American and Europe about the possibility — but has since decided not to do so.

The company’s main concern, according to Gurman, is that current LTE modems would drain the Apple Watch’s battery far too quickly. That said, Apple still plans to add cellular functionality to a subsequent Apple Watch model; the company is reportedly already investigating low power LTE modems.