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Xiaomi Redmi Pro Confirmed to launch on July 27

In a post on Chinese social network Weibo, Xiaomi has confirmed the device to be unveiled at its event on July 27 will be none other than the Redmi Pro. If this name doesn’t ring a bell it’s because it’s the first any of us are hearing about it. But Xiaomi has assured fans it is the “professional, the ultimate” and some claim it may just be the Redmi Note 4 under a different name.

Xiaomi will host a new event on July 27, and up until now, the company didn’t reveal what type of smartphones we’ll be seeing on stage on the said day. However, the company had previously teased a mysterious metal-clad smartphone bearing two camera modules on the back panel, and while this device was initially believed to wear the “Redmi Note 4” moniker, more recent evidence suggests otherwise. In fact, the company has now confirmed that the smartphone scheduled for an official unveiling on July 27 will be called the “Xiaomi Redmi Pro”, lending even more credibility to the idea that the aforementioned metal-clad device is not part of the Redmi Note series.

The Xiaomi Redmi Pro – not to be confused with the Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro unveiled in March 2016 – is a new entry in the Chinese manufacturer’s lineup, and at this point in time there’s little information to go by in regards to what it will have in store for prospective buyers. However, according to an official blog post on the Chinese network Weibo, Xiaomi will unveil the Redmi Pro on July 27, and describes the device using words like “Professional” and “Ultimate”. However, on one hand, Xiaomi’s “Redmi” smartphones usually fit in the mid-range market, which means that the Xiaomi Redmi Pro may not be “Professional” or “Ultimate” enough to compete with the premium smartphone niche. On the other hand, over the years Chinese smartphone manufacturers have upped their game and created compelling mid-range smartphones using high quality materials and technologies, all the while keeping manufacturing costs and retail prices lower than expected. As such, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising if the Xiaomi Redmi Pro – even though a mid-range device – could be a new push towards offering great value for money by adopting certain features usually found on more expensive smartphones. It’s becoming a fairly used formula, and it may continue to pay off for Xiaomi.

In any case, here are the specs the benchmark included: a base model with the Helio X20 MT6797M chipset clocked at 2 GHz with 3 GB of RAM and another variant running the MediaTek Helio X25 MT6797T clocked at 2.5 GHz with 4 GB of RAM. In case the irony of this isn’t lost on you, that would be a “more premium” version of a phone already called Pro.