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Samsung Galaxy J2 leak Smart Glow notification ring Spotted

Rumors began percolating a few weeks ago that Samsung would be revamping the notification LED on future phones by making the entire border area around the camera sensor light up. The existence of "Smart Glow" was confirmed by a manual for the Galaxy J2, but the diagram in that left a lot to be desired. Now, SamMobile has a leaked image of the Galaxy J2 itself with Smart Glow. It looks... kind of not great.

The Smart Glow ring around the camera will apparently light up when you have notifications, just like the front-facing LED does now. It should have a few more configuration options in software, and could also be used as a photo light. It would certainly be much more visible than a traditional notification LED. That's nice and all, but it's much larger than I imagined it would be. It breaks up the design of the phone in a not entirely pleasing fashion.

The pictures have 'confirmed' that the Smart Glow notification ring will be situated at back of the phone around the camera lens and will glow whenever a notification pops up. According to the document leaked last month, users can customise the colour of the Smart Glow and decide what colour they want for a specific kind of a notification.

The Smart Glow ring will act as an alternative to the current notification LED and will also come equipped with a feature called "Selfie Assist". With this feature, the notification ring will automatically turn to a particular colour as soon as it detects a face, is focussed, and ready to capture the image.

According to the leaks, customising the ring will also give it the ability to indicate if the battery level is low. "Smart Glow" will also be able to change colour depending on the priority or usage alerts, and other functions.

As of no w, there is no word whether the "Smart Glow" will also be present on the Galaxy Note 7 expected to launch on August 2. However, several reports have suggested that the South Korean smartphone manufacturer will pack an iris scanner on its next Galaxy Note phablet.

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