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NVIDIA Launches GeForce GTX 1060: Starting at $249,will be Available on July 19th

Nvidia has announced its new GeForce GTX 1060 GPU, aimed at mainstream gamers. Graphics cards based on the new GTX 1060 will be available worldwide from partner companies including Asus, MSI, Gigabyte and Zotac on July 19. There will be only one configuration featuring 6GB of GDDR5 RAM. Pricing in the US is $249 (approximately Rs. 16,858) but the official price in India has not been announced yet. We can expect it to be considerably higher to account for import duties and distribution costs

When it came to building the Maxwell 2 generation, NVIDIA designed GM206 as half of a GM204; half of the CUDA Cores, half of the ROPs, half of the memory bandwidth, etc. It allowed for a very straightforward progression from the bottom of the Maxwell 2 family to the top of it, maintaining the same resource balance between all of the GPUs. For the Pascal generation in turn, NVIDIA has done much the same here.

Diving into the specifications then, GTX 1060 and its GP106 GPU ships with 1280 CUDA cores, which is half the number found on GTX 1080/GP104. Similarly, this means we’re looking at half the texture units, and half of the polymorph geometry engines. At this point NVIDIA has not provided an architecture diagram for GP106, so I don’t know how NVIDIA has laid out the internal working of the card, but we’ll be looking at 10 Pascal SMs in some configuration.

However on the backend of the rendering pipeline, things are a bit more interesting NVIDIA deviates a bit from tradition, and a bit from making GP106 a true halving of GP104. Whereas you’d expect half of a GP104 to ship with a 128-bit memory bus, NVIDIA has defied expectations by giving GP106 a larger 192-bit memory bus, giving the chip 50% more memory bandwidth per CUDA core, all things held equal. NVIDIA’s no stranger to 192-bit memory buses – in fact GK106 had one – but after Maxwell, this comes as a bit of a surprise.

As it stands today, Nvidia's GTX 1060 is hard to judge because, unusually for new graphics card launches, it hasn't been subject to a battery of embargoed pre-announcement reviews. That leaves us with little sense of how its raw numbers translate into gaming performance, and so we'll just have to wait a little longer to establish if this new card is indeed a worthy rival to AMD's RX 480. Nvidia plans a global release for the $249 GTX 1060 on July 19th, which is when it will also be offering a limited Founders Edition for $299 as well.

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