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Indus OS Partners With Celkon and Swipe too

The first "made in India" operating system Indus OS on Wednesday announced partnerships with two other home-grown Indian smartphone brands - Celkon and Swipe - to expand its market reach in the country.

Indus OS made its debut in May 2015 with Micromax Unite 3 and has achieved a user base of 4 million in a span of just 12 months. Indus OS is currently the second most used mobile OS after Android in India. According to Counterpoint Research, Indus OS commands a market share of 5.6 per cent in India, which in fact is better than Xiaomi’s MIUI, Cyanogen and iOS.

Indus OS wants to be on 1 in every 6 smartphone sold in India by 2017. “The pain with Android is that it does not offer choice for users who are not comfortable with English. This type of audience is different and so are their needs. This consumer is coming from a feature phone background and our idea is to reduce their friction and learning curve,

Indus OS says smartphones from Celkon and Swipe will come with Indus OS 2.0 and support company’s patented features like Indus Swipe, Indus Reader and Hybrid Keyboard. The OS currently supports 12 regional languages with recent additions of Urdu and Assamese.