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3 WhatsApp features you probably don’t use

With over one billion active users globally as of Apr 2016, WhatsApp is just about indispensable. a while agone, Facebook more the end-to-end encoding to the moment traveler, creating it laborious for anyone to snoop or intercept a WhatsApp chat. Then there was the desktop shopper for PCs, that connected to a user’s smartphone. Similarly, there square measure ton of alternative options that the WhatsApp app on your phone packs in, however you almost certainly haven’t used them nonetheless.

Save your messages forever

When a WhatsApp user switches to a brand new phone, he has got to install and put together the WhatsApp account from the start. This doesn’t mean a user has got to lose all the text and chat threads from his last phone. WhatsApp permits users to require backup of all of your chats, pictures and videos on Google Drive at the time of configuring the account or perhaps when it. although you don’t have a Drive account on your device, you'll save your messages on Drive by aiming to settings->Chats->Chat backup.

Find your favorite messages

In case you want to avoid wasting a talk or a message there's associate degree possibility referred to as stellar. To access this feature hold and long press any message or cluster of messages and also the star icon can show on the highest of the chat window. faucet on that and also the hand-picked message are asterisked. you'll access the asterisked message anytime in settings->starred messages. you'll see all the asterisked messages at one place, therefore you forward it to others or return to the chat threads around that the chat happened.

Chat in Indian languages

WhatsApp is one in every of the few traveler apps that supports Indian languages, and lets users use them for electronic messaging. whereas you'll use the app in twelve Indian languages promptly, you'll send messages in Hindi, Urdu and Bengali. to vary the language of the app head to settings->chats->app language. to vary the language for causation messages head to phone settings->language and input-> keyboard and input strategies and choose Google Indo-Aryan keyboard.