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3 Easy Nail care tips for rainy season

The "ber" months has finally began and we all know what that means, aside from the Christmas breeze and the sweet Halloween treats, it's now the monsoon season! "Pluviophiles" (a lover of rain), are definitely rejoicing with the cold drizzle and the smell of rain but heads up ladies! this is the most sensitive time for your nails. Both  your hands and feet suffer the most during the monsoon and is very much prone to different fungal and bacterial infections. Keep nails clean, healthy and shiny all throughout the year by following  these few nail care tips.

Keep them Dry

Sure, we understand. how are you going to avoid taking walks into puddles whilst rain is inevitable? Fungal infections has a tendency to thrive in a humid environment so ensure to avoid whatever with a view to hold your toes dry. spend money on a good open footwear or any rainproof shoes that let air sip in retaining your feet off from wet and permitting the dust and water to slide out.  the right rain shoes have to be designed in a manner that water does not collect inside it. refrain from the use of rain boots, leather-based or vinyl footwear as they generally tend to keep water in longer. if you have no preference and you purchased stuck up in heavy rain on your way domestic, make certain to wash your ft right away and completely dry your ft upon moving into. additionally make sure to clean dirty sandals or slippers particularly when soaked in wet water or flood in a long time. if you additionally were given the time, make time to take any dust that can got below your nails.

Cut them Short

Save you dust from getting underneath your nails with the aid of pronouncing good-bye (for now) to lengthy nails and by way of keeping your nails quick and clean. whilst filing nails, make certain to no longer overdo it as any harm to the nail can purpose chipping thus giving germs and bacteria an amazing surroundings to live in. hold nails quick, wholesome and infection-free!

Mani-Pedi Time

Nails are prone to discoloration, and might get brittle and rough during this monsoon season. So to keep your nails healthy and shiny is to have a mani-pedi session once in a week. Save time and money by purchasing the right tools for your homemade nail salon and remember these things: Avoid pushing nail cuticles during this time as nails are sensitive to infection this time of the year and to keep nails short.
Proper nail care and investing in the proper tools are the foundation to healthy nails, rain or shine. Be prepared and safeguard nails from infection by following these tips.

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