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3 best smartphones launched in 2016

We square measure within the half of 2016, and have seen some terribly spectacular smartphones this year. However, this is often the worst doable time to be checking out a brand new phone.

This is as a result of it the time of the year once a number of the flagships became months-old, some square measure from last year and with nearly 0.5 the year remaining, there square measure some attractive launches still within the pipeline. therefore you are absolute to be left with the sinking question, "What if my phone gets obsolete within the next few months?"

Apple iPhone SE

If you are old skool and sort of a tiny phone, then the new iPhone SE is that the one for you. it's additional or less identical options because the iPhone 6S minus the pressure-sensitive show and many alternative things. it's a throwback to the kind of phones that we have a tendency to wont to see 3 years agone - phones that simply slot in our pockets and will be used with one hand.

Apple describes it because the most powerful 4-inch smartphone within the world and it's dead right as a result of it packs hot quick performance, a really capable rear camera and also the best battery life ever seen on associate degree iPhone. The iPhone seven is anticipated in September, however it'll not be a compact phone just like the SE and a successor for the SE ought to solely be expected in 2017.

Moto G4 Plus

If you're on a finances and you need the excellent viable software and camera, then look no similarly than the new Moto G4 Plus. it's far a smartphone that even manages to tick the overall performance checkbox.

while you use the Moto G4 Plus, you get the sensation and user revel in of Google's flagship gadgets, which provide likely the nice software program enjoy that you may get on any phone - the iPhone covered. however more than this, its digicam comes very near that of the iPhone. For less than Rs 20,000, this phone is for the serial Instagramer.

OnePlus 3

The currently-released OnePlus 3 is the very definition of what we can call a massive-killing act. among a sea of "Goliath" manufacturers like Samsung, Apple and LG, the brand new OnePlus 3 is a giant-killing "David". It has the end of an costly cellphone - fully clad in aluminium.

It has the hardware features of an high priced smartphone - the first-class processor, the biggest quantity of RAM ever seen in a smartphone (6GB) or even 64GB storage with a camera which can fit that of the iPhone 6S, and it plays like one as well, however for almost half of the price of the so-referred to as high-priced phones - Rs 27,999. OnePlus says you ought to "by no means settle", but perhaps it's time to relax with the OnePlus three.