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Karl Landsteiner honoured in Google Doodle on his 148th birthday for discovery of of blood groups

While you're in need of a blood transfusion, you will be given blood that fits the blood your personal body produces. but this wasn't usually the case. The motive we recognize approximately it's miles because of an Austrian and American biologist with the aid of the name of Karl Landsteiner, who found the blood corporations in 1901.

Landsteiner, who died in June 1943, would had been 148 years old on June 14.

Karl Landsteiner nobel.jpg

while Landsteiner recognized the A, B and O blood companies, he created a way for checking out the compatibility among donor and recipient blood, making blood transfusions tons more secure. even as receiving the incorrect blood nevertheless does on occasion appear today, it is also by way of coincidence, very rare, and medical staff are higher equipped to address the fallout.

Landsteiner changed into presented the Nobel Prize in 1930 for his discovery, however his achievements extended to different areas as properly. He worked for over a decade on immunity and antibodies and, in collaboration with medical doctor Erwin Popper, remoted the virus that causes polio in 1908, which in turn allowed the creation of a vaccine.