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iPhone 7 will equip with 32GB of internal storage

Apple is going to stop making its 16GB version of the truth to be told the news. Apple iPhone 6 in terms of the RAM of 1GB RAM with 2GB revenge in their next iPhone 6s. Do not upgrade to a new company so soon. 2GB RAM then the right thing can be said.

Earlier there was news that, LG can make camera sensors for the iPhone 7, used to make the first Sony camera sensors to Apple. According to information, it also may be because of Sony's production facility in Kumamoto was damaged in the earthquake in April.

Hopefully Apple will soon VAS market is expected to introduce its two new phones - iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Both Phones OIS (optical image stabilization) can be dealt with. Additionally, some rumors are to be believed, the new iPhone will come with a dual-camera setup. The 3D camera will photograph.