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Facebook Is Paying Millions to Celebrities to Create Live Videos

It’s been recognized for some time that fb is paying media corporations and celebrities coins in return for the usage of its facebook live video feature, but what hasn’t been acknowledged is exactly how an awful lot it is paying them. according to a document lately obtained through the Wall street magazine, the social networking giant has signed as many as one hundred forty contracts worth a total of $50 million.
Get prepared to see Gordon Ramsay to your fb information feed, right next on your excessive-school friend’s infinite wedding ceremony updates.

facebook has agreed to pay greater than 140 celebrities (together with Deepak Chopra, NFL player Russell Wilson, and Ramsay) and media corporations (CNN, the the big apple times, BuzzFeed) to apply fb live, the live-streaming feature the employer is making large bets on. Gawker Media, Gizmodo’s parent organisation, has also entered this sort of deal.

So whilst Twitter is launching a “celebs-most effective” app to maintain the critical humans safe from us unwashed masses, facebook wants to deliver the stunning humans (which consist of DJ Armin van Buuren and the FC Barcelona group) right to us. and then we are able to convey the advertising money right back to facebook.

The idea is that all of us love video anyway (do not forget Chewbacca mother?), and if we can also get our news and our movie star restoration right in a single vicinity, we will in no way depart the fb predominant page as long as we live. Why spend all that energy clicking thru NYTimes dot com, or a movie star’s site, after they’ll come to you?