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Why President Obama's Twitter Account Follow Porn Stars?? reminds politicians to be wary of social media

President Obama’s Twitter account, which is run by his "Organizing for Action" staff, follows 636,000 accounts. Many of them you might expect: Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, John Kerry. Even Mariah Carey and Snoop Dogg don't really raise an eyebrow. But several accounts on the presidential follow list fit a different theme: Asa Akira, a porn star who has 653,000 followers and, in her Twitter bio, states "I have an award-winning asshole." Joanna Angel (390,000 followers), who describes herself as a "multiple award winning punk porno princess;" Penthouse Pet Of The Year Nikki Benz (808,000 followers); and Ashley Steel (138,000 followers), who writes that she is a "Porn Star, Doggy mama, Happiness Junkie, XXX Model, Buddhist, & Total nerd."

The gaffe likely occurred as a result of the social media team using an ‘auto-follow’ tool in a bid to increase the account’s online presence. 
However, the revelation has drawn fresh attention to how social media can lead to blunders and can be a significant cause of embarrassment to politicians.
The official Twitter account representing the Prime Minister, called @Number10gov, raised eyebrows in 2013, when it was found to be following an escort agency, Carlton’s of London. It was speculated by The Register that the person behind the error intended to follow the Carlton Club, a prestigious private members club for Conservative Party supporters. The account later unfollowed theescort agency.