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This App solves any maths equation – just by pointing your phone at it

Mathpix is an iOS app that can recognize and answer handwritten math equations in seconds. Open the app, point the camera toward your math problem (you'll need legible handwriting, or it won't work properly), and it'll give you the correct answer along with step-by-step directions to reach the solution. Mathpix even works with more complex equations that require graphs or charts.

According to its creators, it is capable of recognize handwriting meaning that you could essentially point it at the board your lecturer is writing on and have it solve the problems for you. It can also provide graph answers where needed, and offers step-by-step methods to reach the solution.

However the only downside is that it will require an internet connection as the processing is done on an external server, not your phone. The app is created by Stanford PhD student Nico Jimenez, who was advised by Stanford grad Paul Ferrell, along with high schoolers Michael Lee and August Trollback. It is iOS-only (for now) so head on over to the iTunes App Store to get your hands on it.

The app provides step-by-step instructions after spitting out the solution, which sounds useful for double-checking work after the fact—but it’s hard to imagine how this won’t force schools to adjust their approach to math teaching and testing since a source in high school.