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Now transfer money through WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become a part of our common life. Every day we talk to our friends and people who know or chat via WhatsApp. You will be able to transfer money via WhatsApp now. 

Yes, you read right. You can send money through WhatsApp now. This service was created because all the people today are using WhatsApp.

The payment platform Fricharj the tie-up with WhatsApp, and now will be able to transfer money from WhatsApp users. Now the service is available with WhatsApp Money Chat & pay feature. 

On this chat and visit with the new feature of WhatsApp contacts anyone can send money very easily in just a few minutes and can order them money. Under this, the only way to make WhatsApp is providing this service to users.
This feature is only available for Android users.According to the company, it lacks a feature of WhatsApp.

Since the launch of this feature is going to benefit the general public too, the common people will send money to each other with ease.