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Google and Levi's announces that they together developed a smart jacket

Google announced last year interactive fabric project was, Project Jacquardannounced the latest information. Ivan Poupyrev of ATAP, the company has teamed up with Levi's popular clothing manufacturer, it has revealed that it is developing a "connected with" smart jacket.This is the city of cyclists is, the response of the control and phone music, navigation, etc., thing to be able to use by or swipe or tap the sleeve of the jacket.

The jacket, which was developed in the development project of conductive fibers that ATAP group advances "Project Jacquard" is intended for the use of bicycle commuters, by tapping or swiping the sleeve part, to the music of the operation and the incoming correspondence, those of various functions by connecting to the smartphone such as navigation is available. These functions are "Google Play Music" and "Google Maps" other Google-made apps, such as, that is expected to continue to respond to the use of future third-party app.

Google, or rounded in the same way as normal clothing, also available this jacket to or washing, to release a beta version of the fall of this year, that is scheduled to be released as an official product in the spring next year. It should be noted that not clear at this time for such price.

Google is the future, such as sportswear and business wear manufacturer, that it intends to cooperate with apparel manufacturers other than Levi's.