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Acer One 10 S1001 2 in 1 Laptop full review including Pros And Cons

The budget PC market has always been highly competitive, and pretty much every manufacturer is in a race to the bottom in terms of pricing. Surprisingly, though, that hasn't stopped them from trying out all kinds of designs and throwing in popular features to tempt users. Touchscreens and 2-in-1 tablet designs have trickled down from the high-end to the budget segment, giving customers more choices than ever.

Key Features of Acer One 10 S1001-19p0 NT.G86SI.002 Intel Atom Quad Core - (2 GB DDR3/32 GB EMMC HDD/Windows 10) 2 in 1 Laptop

  1. Intel Atom Quad Core
  2. 2 GB DDR3 RAM
  3. 32 GB EMMC HDD
  4. Windows 10


The Acer One 10 can adapt to suit your situation. Use it as a normal laptop when you're at work or detach the screen to check on FB updates in 'tablet mode' while chilling on your sofa. Even when this 2-in-1 notebook is in standby mode, InstantGo technology ensures that you get real-time email updates and that the movies you're downloading will continue to do so without interruptions.


We can Insert a microSD card with a memory of up to 32 GB into this notebook to store some of your favourite movies, music and games on the Acer One 10. Micro-HDMI support means you can connect this notebook to a TV with a micro-HDMI cable and watch high-octane action flicks on a larger screen.


This device supports two or more fingers to zoom in or out of photos or webpages on the 5-point, multi-touch capacitive display. Thanks to this feature, you can navigate through applications with greater accuracy too.


It comes with 0.3-MP webcam to have uninterrupted Skype chats with loved ones. Capture clear photos with the 2-MP primary camera.


  1. easy to carry 
  2. works like a tab 
  3. responds good to touch
  4. speakers are good 
  5. battery backup is also good 


  1. camera is bad the front one is not upto mark 
  2. Memory problem but yes you can buy a external memory card of 128GB

The performance of the Acer One is quite good. The device can easily handle all the day-to-day applications without any hassle. The multi-tasking performance ability of the Acer One is something that you could live with- especially after considering its price tag. The Acer One is capable of running all the essential applications (including CAD/SKETCH UP/MS OFFICE and many more). However, the moment you try to push it beyond that the lappy starts to struggle. Battery life is not up to mark but almost awesome with this price tag. The storage is not to much short but you can use external SDHC cards to expand the memory.