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Lenovo, Xiaomi are no longer part of of top 5 smartphone makers list

Two known smartphone companies have been dropped from the top five list of smartphone makers.
A significant highlight of the report's top five vendor standing is how two lesser-known Chinese brands, Oppo and Vivo, displaced Lenovo and Xiaomi from their fourth and fifth positions, respectively.

The report by research firm IDC said the worldwide smartphone market saw its slowest growth on record of 0.2%, with shipments totalling 334.9 million.

South Korean giant Samsung maintained its lead over US-based Apple, while Chinese-based Huawei strengthened its third-place position and two new China-based manufacturers, Oppo and Vivo, emerged as the fourth and fifth largest, respectively.

The latest figures underscored a shakeup in a smartphone market showing signs of saturation in many markets around the world, pressuring some of the well-known vendors.

Xiaomi recently put out a great new $260 phone, and Motorola will likely announce new phones across all price points sometime mid-year. It's possible these new devices will reverse their fortunes, but the smartphone market's constant changes seem to mean that a company needs to be in the right place at the right time if it wants a phone to take off.