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GoPro launches VR camera and VR sharing site

Troubled action camera maker GoPro, Inc. has decided it wants a serious slice of the virtual reality (VR) market and has announced that it will unveil new VR cameras and a VR sharing site this week.
The main offering is a new VR camera array by the name of the Omni that provides a synchronized six-camera spherical array to produce high-resolution images in conjunction with stitching software to create immersive content.
According to specs from the company, the proprietary hardware at the center of Omni enables pixel-level synchronization between six HERO4 Black cameras with the six cameras acting as one.
While offering a standard 4K picture, be it times six, an “over capture” feature is able to deliver an 8K shot and extract a high definition deliverable.
In conjunction with the camera comes the new GoPro VR website, that enables users of the Omni to edit the video and then publish it for other people to view.
GoPro VR is described as a platform to view and share immersive content that allows users to experience the immersive world of 360-degree video by transforming a users’ screen into a virtual portal.
For $5,000, Omni-buyers will get the six Hero4 Black Cameras needed to run the cube-shaped system, as well as the hardware and software necessary to stitch footage together into 360-degree video. Alternately, videographers who already own six GoPros can spend $1,500 to get just the bare-bones frame. Preorders for both packages will be available from the company's site today starting at 8AM PT.