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Apple Patent Shows The completely Redesigned New MacBook

 Apple has been granted a patent for a keyboard that abandons traditional keys in favour of a "force-sensitive" sheet that could function like an oversized trackpad.

The idea for using a larger trackpad instead of a physical keyboard built into the MacBook was revealed in an Apple patent application filed last year and published earlier this month called “configurable force-sensitive input structure for electronic devices.” This input structure is known as “zero-travel” because there aren’t any noticeable physical mechanism movements taking place when the user presses down on it. But the larger trackpad would provide haptic feedback when a certain portion is pushed down similar to what you would feel while receiving a notification on the Apple Watch or when you are using Quick Actions via 3D Touch.

Another benefit of a fully touch-based keyboard would be improved configuration. Your input interface could change with the apps you’re running. If you open Photoshop, for instance, the legends could change to Photoshop controls. Apple could also expand its touch gestures to the entire keyboard surface. The obvious drawback is that you won’t have real keys.