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Airtel's new International Packs are getting free calls and data

Airtel customers on Tuesday announced the new International PacksAccording to the company during the second SIM Pack customers traveling abroad to deliver trouble. The customer selected countries through International Pack with Free International roaming will also make use of the data.

The company said in a statement, "Airtel Smartpack free Internet calls than in the second pack and get up to 200 percent more dataSo customers do not worry about the bill comes. "
Airtel said Smart Pack My Airtel App Company's website or through the customer care can have on the pack. He emphasized on the customer, if any can have on the pack, but they will have to pay it while using pack.

These Smartpack few countries such as Singapore, Thailand, UAE, UK and the US exists. When visiting these countries will benefit from this pack. With free incoming calls and free 3GB data (1GB for Thailand) said.

Airtel's Smart Pack Singapore and Thailand to passengers 2,499 rupees is available in India to call 299 free minutes, SMS charges of Rs 10 (local and India), India for outgoing calls at Rs 10 per minute and data post pack will be Rs 10 per MB. 
Smart Pack price for the US and UK and India is priced at Rs 4,999 for 399 free minutes, SMS charges of Rs 10 (for local and India), India 10 per minute for outgoing calls and data post pack 10 If per MB.