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Lenovo on Tuesday its new smartphone in India Vibes 5 Plus launched . According to the company, the phone has been launched in India first. The company MWC 2016 last month, Lenovo Vibe 5 as well as the phone curtain was raised.

Launch event in the US Lenovo Vibe 5 plus some time with the chance of spending found here the phone at first glance looks like a take over on What is the experience.

5 plus any kind of vibe in January launched Lenovo Vibe 4 notes ( review ) is the next generation of phones. Lenovo Lenovo's popular smartphone, but also a 6000 and a 6000 plus Lenovo smartphone phone upgrade can be considered. Lenovo says the new vibe at the 5 plus Rs 10,000 category will strengthen its grip on the phone. Lenovo India smartphone Mathur Director Sudin not Vibes 5 plus plenty of questions given pressure. Une said the company after the acquisition of Motorola 'Vibe' use of the name is in keeping with your branding strategy.Lenovo announced in January 2016 that the company top smartphone feature called Vibe Motors will present the budget handset.

Vibes 5 Plus spears made ​​of the plastic body but it gives the metal look. Vibes 5 plus champagne gold, platinum and silver color variants will be available in gray Grepait. He used the unit we were in Platinum Silver color. 5 inch screen Vibes 5 Plus fits easily in your hand and you can run the phone with one hand convenient manner. Phone in front of the camera above the display, earpiece and sensors are. Capacitive buttons below the display side. Lenovo beat the big logo in the rear panel at the top right corner while camera with LED flash has been. Also on the rear panel stereo speaker with Dolby Attmos been delivered. Vibe physical power and volume buttons on the right side of the 5 plus the charging and headphone socket are on top. There are no ports or buttons down the left side.

The back of the phone so they can be taken apart in 2750 mAh battery of the phone may be different. The phone has two micro-SIM slot and a microSD card slot for expandable storage.Phone hybrid slot (second SIM or microSD card, choose one) come with the right makes it better. The smartphone octa-core 64-bit processor with Adreno 405 GPU Qualcomm is 616. RAM is 2 GB. The smartphone has 16GB storage with the help of a microSD card that can increase up to 128GB. Vibe Plus 5 without any trouble can be multitasking and app switching. 5 plus about the vibe then we heard absolutely no decision can not be sure until we review it in detail. The smartphone has support for 4G LTE bands. Other connectivity features Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.1, microUSB 2.0 and FM radio.

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When it comes to camera phone LED flash and f 2.2 aperture with 13-megapixel rear camera.Selfi for amateurs with f 2.2 aperture 5-megapixel front camera. 5 plus the vibe of our little camera test photos taken indoors seemed reasonable. Front camera can also be photographed.Lenovo Vibe 5 Plus smartphone (1080x1920 pixels) above the five-inch IPS LCD full HD display Lenovo Vibe 4 Vibe UI, which makes it a little note looks like. In the name of the theme center smartphone app with multiple apps that come pre-installed. Vibes Vibes 4 of the 5 plus one theater like Max comes with VR technology. VR headset customers will have to buy separately.Lenovo Vibe 5 plus the price of the company in the category of less than Rs 10,000 Rs 8499 is launched. This category phone 8999 rupee fingerprint sensor equipped Kulpad Note 3, Mejhu m2 notes (Rs 9,999) and U Eureka plus (Rs 8,999), hit hard by will. Vibes 5 Plus on March 23 at 12 noon online shopping website Flipkart exclusive can be bought. The sale will not require any registration. A-6000 and A-6000, during the first cell current Lenovo for Plus users will also be offered an exclusive exchange and upgrading.