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Six Sigma Doctors launches App to save people trapped in earthquake

Six Sigma Doctors launches App to save people trapped in earthquake.

Six Sigma (High Airspeed Medical Services for Rescue) CEO Dr. Pradeep Bhardwaj has developed a new app is. This app such as the earthquake in contact with people trapped in natural kalaimitija will help. It is a software application. It must be downloaded in mobile phones.

How will work ... 
This app  will work on ham radio system. After downloading the app in the phone continually sends the signal can be detected by any special Ikvipment. With its help people trapped under the rubble in the earthquake will be easily found. 
This app will work without mobile network and Internet connection. The satellite-based systems. It will continuously transmit coded signals. Their use can not be used for communication. These signals can be detected from a distance of over 50 km. This app has been working on the accuracy of the location to be detected.  

Dr. Bhardwaj telecommunications ministry has a license to operate this app is given. Dr. Bhardwaj said his team has been saved 5,600 lives. He says that people who use this app will be easier to save them.
Army Soldiers earthquake prone areas and they have to install the app will send the proposal to the health ministry.