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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 decide to Launch With Android N in July

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 decide to Launch With Android N in July

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 August last year launched its flagship phablet. But now, seven months after the launch of the Galaxy Note 5 Galaxy Note 5 Galaxy Note 6 launch of the upgraded variants of the reports are in the spotlight. 

Korea The Bell's website  and the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 to launch in July this year Will be done. While Note 5 was launched in August. To be launched by the middle of July of this handset are news. Phone codenamed 'Grace' can be. In addition, Samsung's new Android device there have been reports of N coming.

The beta test is currently running Android N and in May the Google I / O 2016 conference will be launched to the public. However, in this report and any information about the Galaxy Note 6 smartphone is not. 

According to a report from some other sources, Samsung's 5.8-inch display in this new handset is the 5.7-inch screen was in Note 5. With this phone, 6 GB RAM, 12 megapixel rear camera (the Galaxy S and Galaxy S 7 Edge of 7 modules may be) and the S Pen can be 128 GB expandable storage. 

Yet from any of the phone has not been confirmed. Currently, strode into the spotlight when it comes to the South Korean company's smartphone Samsung Galaxy Mini smartphone to work at 7 reports have been leaked. 

According to preliminary reports, the Samsung Galaxy S Mini 7 (720x1280 pixels) 4.6-inch HD screen with a resolution might be. Call 820 or the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8890 processor may Aksayns of Samsung. 3 GB RAM and a 12 megapixel camera phone will be. 7 mini Galaxy S smartphone will be 9.9 mm thick.