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Microsoft prepares Office 2016 full desktop apps

It seems that Microsoft is getting ready to push out a Project Centennial version of theOffice 2016 suite on the Windows Store - or at least, a test version is now available, which certainly points to the possibility of this happening before long.
Project Centennial focuses on allowing developers to convert their Win32 desktop apps to ones which are compatible with the Windows Store and optimised for Windows 10.
The good news is, that Microsoft may have been able to start testing the tools and successfully convert apps as a new listing and was discovered at the store. The listing was referred to as “Centennial Office Test1.” The link works and can be installed on a Windows PC to some extent. While apps can be launched, they are not fully functional yet.
According to Tech Radar, it may not be worth the download yet for users since they cannot really use the apps. Furthermore, those who tried installing the apps are now having trouble uninstalling. It might be good to wait for Microsoft’s official announcement on the matter. It is best for users to leave the apps alone for the meantime, but the new listing gives an insight on how exciting the full implementation of the Office 2016 suite might be. It should be just a matter of time before things go live.  Soon people will be able to download full desktop apps for Office from the store. More importantly, it appears that Microsoft is trying to keep things as simple as possible. Stay tuned for updates.