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Google Photos gets the advanced photo editing tools

The web version of Google Photos at just rolled out a way to let you edit photos using easy-to-use adjustment sliders. The new editing tools were announced on Google Photos' Google+ page.

The Photos team announced on its Google Plus page that the web presence for Photos has some new, much-needed editing tools. Users can navigate between photos mid-edit, and any edits will automatically save. If you want to undo your changes, simply hit ‘Revert to Original’, and you can start over.
You also now get the option to chose an exact crop, and can choose from Original, Square, 4:3 and 16:9. These cropping tools will be familiar to anyone who has used the Google-owned Snapseed app, or virtually any other photo editing tool.

Exactly how Google launched the Photos web app without these tools already baked-in is beyond me, but, at least they’re here now. They join features like the ability to create shared albums, store an unlimited number of compressed photos and search for virtually anything.

But there are much more enhancements that Google made to its app. For example, the search feature is now working astonishingly well. You can search for the word “dog”, and the improved algorithm will give you any image stored on your device that contains a dog.
This feature will come in handy to those people that store massive amounts of photographs on their mobile devices and who spend an eternity manually searching a single file.
And speaking of storage space, the app offers unlimited storage in Google cloud. This means that all of that memory you are currently occupying with tons of photographs will be cleared for other purposes. Also, you will be able to access your files from other devices using your cloud login information.