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Gmail Added 5 New And Effective Features For Users

Gmail Added 5 New And Effective Features For Users

Google your email service  Gmail  keeps constant new updates, so users receive better operating experience. But not many know that users find the new updates. So we're telling you  Gmail   new features such as 5 who have recently been involved in.

1. Rich Text Formatting:

Gmail app for mobile users when the content matches the bold, italic, underline or highlight was extremely difficult. But now Google has added support rich text in your app, mobile app through which you can send any text highlighted content.

2. Instant RSVPs:

Google Gmail for mobile app is another thing and that is to make it easy for Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange, scheduling and response to Inviteshns. Through this option, the user only one tape can learn about your schedule and meetings.

3. TLS alert:

Gmail for both incoming and outgoing e-mail supports TLS encryption. This process e-mails are automatically Inkript. New feature according to the email address of the sender does not support TLS encryption so that the message, with the broken lock icon will appear in the Inbox

4. Authentication message alerts:

Gmail users now Authentication (fake or uncertified) will alert messages about. The condition or corporate logo appearing in the profile photo of the sender rather than the question mark will appear.