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5 Things You Probably Didn't Know Your IPhone Can Do

Apple has launched iPhone SE of 4inch. If you are an iPhone user or are thinking of buying a new iPhone, you can tell that the iPhone is many things which are not possible in the current Android phone.
1. Alert-
LED light alerts on the iPhone is a feature to call or message on the LED light flash is coming. So, if you put the phone on silent mode somewhere forget these features would be helpful for you too. 
Here's Settings-
Settings>> General>> Accessibility and turn on LED Flash for Alerts

2. Click the video while taking a photo-

The iPhone can also drag a photo while shooting video. For this you need to turn off the video recording is not visible on the screen, click on the camera button. 

3. Control shook his head phone now!-

Head of the phone features can be used by the gesture. These features of the iPhone makes it another smart phone brand. So the Settings- General >> Accessibility >> ​​Switches >> Add New Switch >> Camera >> Right Head Movement 

4. Get rid of the banner notifications-

In the notification banner phone line Flash is one of the messages. So maybe that someone read your personal messages. This notification can be closed. Go to the settings of your iPhone. Then go to the Baron notification Disable Notifications.

 5.Shake to Erase-

If you have typed something wrong or to delete the words typed text and then shake your phone can undo.