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Your hand can become the smartphone!

It's also possible that what is good for anyone who visits your phone messages, email, on your hands you can also read his reply.

With that voice calls can also attend. Yes, now could be like that. Such as a wrist band which is already in your hand is able to transform such a touchscreen tablet and smartphone, and the skin of your hands on all the work you can do.

Skin hand becomes a touchscreen
This unique wrist bands "Secret Breslet" name came from. About 6 months it's hard wrist bands made it through a projector and 8 sensor.The touchscreen itself is converted into the skin of your hands.

IPhone / tablet is connected
It offers a Tiwst is given to activate the wrist. Then on the wearer's hand makes a Tcskriin. Secret Breslet wrist band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and microUSB are connected to Android smartphones and tablets through. Then the user's smartphone or tablet to any message, email or phone call is all the information the user can see on his hands. Not only e-mails and messages with the help of your fingers up and down, back and forth and can also see the large and small.

Data can also save
The wrist bands with the 16 GB and 32 GB internal memory which brought any data can be saved in it. Soon, the device will start with the market price of about 25 thousand.