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Xiaomi Mi 5 First Impressions: killer look loaded with high end specifications

Xiaomi announced the Mi 5 at a media briefing at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona as well as in Beijing. This will be the Xiaomi flagship phone for 2016 and will start selling on 1 March onwards in China. India launch date along with that other countries wasn’t announced at the launch. The Mi5 will be selling for RMB 1999 (Rs 20000 approx) for 32GB variant, RMB 2299 (Rs 23000 approx) and the Mi5 Pro will be selling for RMB 2699 (Rs 27000) approximately.
The Xiaomi Mi5 is a phone that beggars belief, a handset with a Snapdragon 820 CPU, 4GB of RAM, a 16MP Sony sensor and a sleek design that weighs just 129g. And all for around $300.
Most people in the western world not entrenched in the smartphone game won't have heard of Xiaomi, but it's a company that sold 70 million phones last year, mostly in Asia, where the brand is number one in China for smartphone sales.
It's made this reputation on delivering high end phones for low, low prices and this Mi5 very much continues in that tradition.
For one, the Mi 5 is incredibly light - just 129 grams. The camera is perfectly flush with the back of the phone. Its 3000mAh battery is on par with the Galaxy S7's, and larger than the new G5's. A Snapdragon 820 processor puts it on event footing with any other phone using that chip, and ahead of phones that are using older Snapdragon iterations. USB Type C is another potential advantage (with Quick Charge 3.0), as is the option to take the phone all the way up to 128GB of internal storage, something Samsung won't be offering in most markets on the Galaxy S7. It also has 4-axis optical image stabilization, which Xiaomi claims will provide considerably steadier shooting under certain circumstances compared to almost any other phone on the market.

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