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Sony will launch Xperia PP10 and wireless ear bud at MWC

Sony Xperia Z5 would like to call it ...
According to the leaked Sony Xperia Z5 smartphone like the Sony Xperia PP10 Hogakismen power button, volume and camera shutter button on the right side of the phone is likely to be. So far the information has come out about the call. 
Wireless Earbuds 'Smart Ear' device with an image is uploaded to Twitter. It looks like the Moto Hint Bluetooth. This device can also be launched with the phone. 

Virtual Reality Headset is launched 
It is believed to be based on old reports that Sony will launch the event Sony XperiaVR headset.The company has been working on this for a long time. The PlayStation 4 (PS4) console would be equipped. The smartphone will be based virtual reality headset. 
A few days ago, the company said in its blog post that the Xperia X5 Premium is being launched in the 4K display technology. It is estimated that the Mobile World Congress may Locing.