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Know The Most Annoying Digital Habits

There are things that annoy all of us – road traffic, poor phone signal, long queues and slow restaurant service. We’ve been complaining about these for decades now. A new age is coming though, and a new age deserves new pet peeves. 

Typng lyk diz

Leet speak became popular a long time ago, and until recently was still justified when SMSes had word limits per page. That’s not a problem we face anymore in the day of the internet-based messenger. The usual argument by most people for continuing to use SMS lingo is that it saves time and effort. They don’t realise, however, that the amount of effort it takes for the other person to understand what they’re trying to say is twice as much as it would take for them to type that additional letter. Sometimes, even that claim doesn’t stand true – “irrezyztyble” instead of “irresistible”, for example. Now you’re just eager to use more Y’s, and it shows. It’s imperative that if you’re reading this and still communicate using SMS lingo, you switch before Facebook starts offering translations for every word you type.

Using your phone during a conversation

If we’re talking about annoying digital habits, then it’s safe to assume that texting on the phone while someone else is trying to talk to you is perhaps as annoying – bordering on rude – as it can get. When you’re done with all your important chores in Second Life, and are finally ready to give this other world that you were born in a try, we encourage you to actually give it a fair shot. 

Getting lost in your gadget while spending time with other people is not only annoying for the other person, but is also very disrespectful. 

Food Pics

Everybody loves food. Even if the food is far beyond our means, there’s great pleasure derived from looking at pictures of attractive food. This is entirely understandable and is the secret to the success of Masterchef, and more recently, movies like Chef. 

Posting pictures of your meals regularly on online forums and captioning it with various onomatopoeias to describe your reaction to it is sort of the equivalent of amateur porn that nobody really enjoys. Your photography is substandard, your captions might be lacking, and the food itself may be ordinary, but a happy consumer who is satisfied with his meal is blind to all this, and won’t think twice before posting his work online.


You knew this was coming. There are some things that you know are bad for you, yet you indulge in them now and then just because you enjoy it – they’re called guilty pleasures. 

But then, there are things that are inexcusable – selfies. Sure, we’ve all indulged in them at some point of time – blame peer pressure – but just the fact that they make such an easy target for all the narcissism and self-objectivism allegations ensures that we’ll all remain hypocrites and condemn selfies.

The nature of selfies has advanced since its inception, and we’ve moved on from bathroom selfies to protest march selfies and road accident selfies. The gift of a selfie-stick today can be a genuinely thoughtful one, or an ironic jab, depending on who’s doing the gifting. To make matters worse, there are now devices being made that can click selfies by just tapping them.


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