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know the Iphone 6 Main Disadavantages and advantages

Like previous Apple product, the release product of iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus (iPhone 6+) has been wait by many people. This information will give some more information about what is advantage or disadvantage before deciding to buy iPhone 6 family. This is very important to know several strange and weakness of iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus, and also if compare by similar competitor like Android and Windows Phone either from Samsung or HTC or Nexus or LG and some other more.

The Main Specifications of iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus

  • GSM 3G HSDPA for Broadband Data, LTE 4G (selected version)
  • CDMA EV-DO for Broadband Data, LTE 4G (selected version)
  • Use Nano SIM for Network Provider
  • Display LCD 4.7 inches with Retina HD Display at iPhone 6
  • Display LCD 5.5 inches with Retina HD Display at iPhone 6 Plus
  • Internal memory 16GB/64GB/128GB
  • RAM 1 GB for iPhone 6
  • RAM 2 GB for iPhone 6 Plus
  • Back Camera 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus, dual LED / dual tone flash
  • Camera features  optical image stabilization (at iPhone 6 Plus), iSight Technology
  • Processor CPU A8 chip with 64-bit architecture
  • Operating system iOS 8

Iphone 6 Main Adavantages


Screen:The obvious difference between iPhone 6 Plus and other iPhones is the fact this one has a larger screen.


Excellent design:iPhone 6 Plus looks phenomenal. It is thin and stylish, and you will hardly find the flaw when it comes to its appearance.

Battery life:On previous iPhone models, the huge issue was poor battery life. That is improved with the iPhone 6, and users are very pleased with the battery life on this device.

Extraordinary camera:The camera on iPhone 6 will completely blow your mind. It is great. The photos are sharp, and the colors are clear and bright.

Display:One more thing that makes this device so great is its display, with full HD. Enjoyment is on the highest possible level.

Iphone 6 Main Disadavantages


Top iPhone 6 Plus Disadvantages:

All things are imperfect, and so is iPhone 6 Plus. After getting the pros of iPhone 6 Plus, it's high time to strip off its dazzling appearance and seep into its interior side to see what iPhone 6 Plus disadvantages are before you make some decision.
No.1 iPhone 6 Plus Disadvantage-The Price is High!
The previous iPhone 6 Plus purchase with a two-year contract is seemingly cost-efficient. Yet, the majority of consumers would still like to buy the contract-free iPhone 6 Plus. 
No.2 Con of iPhone 6 Plus- Some Good Android Smartphones' Features iPhone 6 Plus Lacks:
Currently, the smart phone market is divided mainly by Apple and Android phones. They compete against each other and also make progress together. iPhone 6 Plus is the typical instance. See, here are some features iPhone 6 Plus absorbing from Android, like the 5.5 inch screens, NFC, video chat, custom keyboards…etc.
No.3 Disadvantage of Apple iPhone 6-The Annoying iOS 8 Bugs
As the successor of iOS 7, iOS 8 does bring the Apple users an excellent performance since there are plentiful advantages of iOS 8 it brings to your iPhone 6 Plus. 
No.4 Apple iPhone 6 Plus Disadvantage-Non-removable Li-Po Battery
At least one point Android smart phones even better than iPhone 6 Plus is that Android phones support the users to freely insert or draw out the battery to independently charging.
No.5 iPhone 6 Plus Con-Lack of Dust Proof and Water Resistant Display