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Huawei Launch convertible matebook tablet

Huawei has launched a new tablet. The Huawei Matebook name is introduced. The company's first convertible 2 in 1 tablet.

Keyboard Case and fingerprint reader is special :
Huawei tablet Matebook Another special thing is the keyboard case and a fingerprint reader. As a result, it can be employed as a laptop.

Low weight and large screen:
Huawei's new tablet has a 12-inch large display screen. As a result, the laptop can be easily employed. Furthermore, it weight just 640 grams. Lighter in weight when it is not any problem in transportation.

Huawei Matebook price and competitor:
The company currently Matebook Huawei launched in Europe, where its 128 GB memory is priced variant priced at 799 euros. While the price of its top-end model is priced at 1799 Euro.