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choose the perfect accessories for your smartphone: Do's and Dont's

Cases and covers

 Almost all phones and tablets need a case or a cover. You wouldn’t want that shiny new gadget of yours to get a scratch or a dent would you? There are several options available for cases.

What you need to look for:

 • Proper port openings 

• Dust/water protection

• Kickstand 

• Built-in screenguard 

Avoid Having

• Too much heft/bulk 

• Difficult to insert/remove

Phone skins

If you are one who likes to use your phone without any cases, but want minimal protection against scratches, you should definitely try phone skins. Phone skins are basically high quality stickers, which wrap around your phone.

The most popular style among the skins seems to be the carbon fibre finish, which also provide some amount of grip when using the phone.

What to look for: 

• Residue less removal 

• Good grip 

• Proper cutouts for sensors and ports 


 • Poor adhesion 

• Too thick, which might prevent the usage of cases and bumpers 


 • dbrand, Skinnova, Slickwraps, Skins4Gadget


Screenguards aren’t that important in phones these days as they used to be earlier. With the advent of Gorilla Glass and DragonTail glass, phone screens are becoming more and more resilient to shattering and scratches.

Tempered glass has taken the market by storm, but it’s more bark than bite. Owing to their thickness, usually, 0.9mm, they add a significant amount of glare to the screen.

Tempered glass

 What to look for:

 • Anti-glare 

• Residue-less removal 

• Impact resistance 

Deal breakers: 

• Thickness 

• Phones with curved,

 AMOLED, pressure sensitive screens Screenguards 

What to look for: 

• Clear, Glossy finish 

• Wet application for curved screens, dry for regular 

• Impact resistance 


• Material too thin 

• Covers proximity sensor

OTG Flash Drives

USB OTG (On The Go) is found on nearly every smartphone in the market today, and is useful for those who have limited built-in storage on their phones. OTG flash drives have been in the market for quite some time and there are several functional differences between the models available.

What to look for:

 • High capacity 

• Micro SD card slot 

• High transfer speed • High read/write cycles 


• Large size: Will not fit phones with cases 

• Poor read/write speeds 

• Cheap plastic builds 

Recommended brands: 

• SanDisk, Strontium, Transcend, Kingston