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upgrade your pet with latest technology

Do you have a dog who keeps wandering off? Or perhaps a cat that turns your house upside down when you are away? 

The best part about having pets is never having to feel lonely and making a friend for life. Be it a dog, a cat, a turtle, a bird or even a hamster, pets are a natural stress buster and mood uplifter. 

You want to spend all your time cuddling and coddling your little munchkins and even while you are away, they have you worried and concerned for their safety and well-being. You never ‘get’ or ‘buy’ a pet, you ‘have’ them, just like children.

 Now’s your chance to do a little something for your little critters. The way technology has improved your life all this while, it can vastly enrich your pet’s dayto-day existence too. If you can have a cell phone, so can your pets. If you can have geeky toys, so can your little trotter. If you can have a GPS tracker, so can your precious animals. 

Time and technology have changed the way we interact with our pets, and today, there are countless solutions to solve your and your pet’s peeves. So, here’s  a list of all things tech that you and your furry friend can enjoy together.

Garmin Delta Upland Threein-one sporting dog collar

 The Garmin Delta Upland is a three-in-one dog collar that consists of an electronic training collar, a BarkLimiter, and a remote beeper to help locate dogs that are out of sight. Although the collar is best used on hunting dogs, it can also be a good device to train your pooch to be more disciplined. 

The Delta Upland includes tones, vibration, and up to 36 levels of momentary and continuous stimulation. It also houses an LCD display to switch among different training modes. The controller can be paired with three collars at one time, so if you have more than one dog, this will be a good investment for you. 

The bark identification technology in the Delta Upland uses accelerometer technology and is able to distinguish between barking and other vocalisations. Priced at $261 (`18,000 approx.) the Garmin Delta Upland can be ordered from Amazon.

TrackSafe Buddy 

TrackSafe Buddy is a wearable device for pets that will help you locate your pets using GPS. The device connects to your smartphone using an app that is available for both iOS and Android andf usage of the app is free for the first 12 months. 

The main unit is 6mm×36mm×16 mm in size and has a 500 mAh rechargeable battery with a standby time of a little less than 72 hours. The device also comes with a 6 month warranty for any manufacturing defects. TrackSafe Buddy is priced at `8,999 on the Tracksafe website but can be obtained for a lesser price through e-commerce portals.

Petzi Treat cam 

Wouldn’t you love to pamper your dog with some treats when you are not home. Problem is, that one treat just won’t do and many at a time would be gobbled up in a split second. Petzi Treat cam not only solves that problem, it also acts as a security camera for your pet. 

You can check in on your pet from your smartphone or tablet and the Petzi Cam unit also allows you to speak to your pet while you are away from home. 

The camera has a wide angle lens and a universal treat launcher, where you can fit in any dry, crunchy treats. These treats can be dispensed, three at a time, with an iOS or Android app that connects to the unit. Priced at $169 (`11,209 approx), this one is a must for paranoid pet owners.