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Now it's very hard to find a symbian smartphone as a new trend of smartphones are coming known as ANDROID ,many people had forgotten the best operating system ever on nokia smartphones .

Previously i own NOKIA C5-03 it's the fastest smartphone at that time. Its user interface and many cool features makes me crazy. so I am writting this post to share my experience.

Symbian is an open-source platform developed by the now defunct Symbian Foundation in 2009, as the successor of the original Symbian OS. Symbian was used by many major mobile phone brands, like Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and above all byNokia. It was briefly the most popular smartphone OS on a worldwide average until the end of 2010 - at a time when smartphones were in limited use, when it was overtaken by Android, as Google and its partners achieved wide adoption.
Symbian rose to fame from its use with the S60 platform built by Nokia, first released in 2002 and powering most Nokia smartphones. UIQ, another Symbian platform, ran in parallel, but these two platforms were not compatible with each other. Symbian^3 was officially released in Q4 2010 as the successor of S60 and UIQ, first used in the Nokia N8, to use a single platform for the OS. In May 2011 an update, Symbian Anna, was officially announced, followed by Nokia Belle (previously Symbian Belle) in August 2011.
On 11 February 2011, Nokia announced that it would use Microsoft's Windows Phone OS as its primary smartphone platform, whilst Symbian would be gradually wound down. On 22 June 2011 Nokia signed an agreement for Accenture to provide Symbian-based software development and support services to Nokia through 2016; about 2,800 Nokia employees became Accenture employees as of October 2011. The transfer was completed on 30 September 2011.

 The Nokia 808 PureView is officially the last Symbian smartphone from Nokia. In January 2014 Nokia stopped accepting new or changed Symbian software from developers, effectively terminating its support of the operating system.
Several non-Nokia companies are still releasing new Symbian phones after Nokia stopped releasing new phones, like F-07F fromFujitsu or SH-07F from Sharp, as late as mid-2014 and late 2015 Limelume launched Limelume Symbian, a software for Limelume's tablet's and phones excluding the Limelume HOLO.