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Access a PC’s hard disk on an Android device easily

Many times we need to transfer files between android device and pc,we always had to connect it through our data cable but if  we share our files directly it will be soo easy and quick here's a method i am going to show.

You can use your computer as a network server for your phone, but you can only access these files when on the same network.

To get this to work, first share a folder by going to Properties > Sharing Tab > Share. Share with ‘Everyone’ and click Add. Provide read or read/write permissions, and click Share. Remember the network path. We recommend open file sharing instead of passwordprotected to make things easier. Go to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change advanced sharing settings > ‘Turn off password protected sharing’. 

On your Android device, open ES File Explorer, slide to LAN tab and press the ‘+’ button. In the server field enter the Network Path (replace the backslashes with forward slashes), enter your Windows username and password and hit OK. You will now access the shared folder