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1. is a genius Online cloud Downloader which downloads torrents or any content from different hosts at super fast speed. It can download Torrents, 100% Anonymous and really fast with incredible speed as compared to other downloads. There is no Speed restrictions in its premium or free plan.
You get free  10 GB usage on free accounts, however you can always switch to its premium for Unlimited bandwidth, Or you can create more free accounts. Apart from Torrents putdrive providers downloading files from 85 hosts with super fast speed. You can also stores your Files in Dropbox or other files storage which will enable you to download later

2 – The online BitTorrent Client 

The last but not the least, is the most popular and best Online torrent downloading client. Popularity of Zbigz lies in its simplicity it only deals in caching your torrents and make it avalible with direct download link from ZbigZ servers.
On ZbigZ there is nothing to install or nothing to configure, Its interface is the easiest to download torrents despite your ISP’s restrictions. They have the fastest speed to cache torrents with super fact download speed. Their free version is ok but it have speed and traffic limits